John Connett, PhD

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Professor, Biostatistics| Director of the CTSI's Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center

John E. Connett, PhD is Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the CTSI's Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center.  Dr. Connett's expertise is in the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials. Dr. Connett was Head of the Division of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health, 2001-2010.  From 1978 to the present, he has served as Principal Investigator for the statistical coordinating center for multicenter clinical trials in ophthalmology, transfusions, chronic obstructive lung disease, emphysema, and (currently), as PI for the data coordinating center of an epidemiologic study of lower urinary tract symptoms in women and a clinical trial of treatment strategies for patients with cardiac arrest.  He is associate editor of the Journal of Clinical Trials and has been a member or chair of over 25 Data and Safety Monitoring Boards for clinical trials, and is a frequent reviewer of grant applications for NHLBI and NEI.

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John Connett, PhD Professor of Biostatistics University of Minnesota