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Parkinson's Disease Research

Did you know that the Neurology Department at the University of Minnesota has over a dozen studies for people living with Parkinson’s disease? Whether you have just an hour or two to spare, or if you are interested in more involved studies, we have something that can work for your availability.

Not in the area or have transportation difficulties? Many studies make accommodations for travel/transportation or hotel stays. Many studies also offer stipends for your time. 

Our research aims to learn more about Parkinson’s disease – we hope that the information we can learn from research participants like you can help improve treatments or someday lead to a cure.

Not able to participate, but know someone who would be interested? We are looking for both Parkinson’s patients and healthy volunteers too! If you have a spouse/relative/friend who would be interested in participating, please pass along our contact info!

Please contact us today and we can help you find the study that is right for you! Thank you for your interest in research!

Kelly Brown
[email protected]