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Deep Brain Stimulation DBS imaging Noam Harel
Noam Harel Deep Brain Stimulation DBS image
Noam Harel 7T MRI image

The UMN Udall Imaging Core, led by Noam Harel, Ph.D. and based at the University of Minnesota’s internationally renowned Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR), will acquire state of-the-art, high-resolution MRI for all subjects in the Projects and Catalyst. The overall theme of the UMN Udall Center is to develop novel, circuit based deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapies for Parkinson’s disease (PD). As a foundation for all three proposed projects, the Catalyst project and in collaboration with the other cores in support of this theme, the overall goal of the Imaging Core is to use advanced imaging capabilities for direct visualization of anatomical targets for DBS surgery as well as provide the precise location and orientation of individual stimulating electrode contacts within the target post-implantation. The Imaging Core will provide patient-specific anatomical models, precise post-surgery DBS lead localization, and parcellation of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) and internal segment of the globus pallidus (GPi) to their functional sub-regions.These images will provide unparalleled anatomical characterization specific to each individual. Subject specific models of anatomical and functional connectivity developed by the Imaging Core will provide data that is vital for the completion of each project in the UMN Udall Center.

Core Lead

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Noam Harel, PhD
Professor, Radiology/CMRR