Lynn Eberly, PhD

Lead: Biostatistics Core

Professor, Biostatistics

I am a statistician and have collaborated in neurology and neuroscience for more than 15 years. I work directly on the design of the research and with the data collected during the research. It is important to me to understand the implications of the research on patient prognosis and well-being. This understanding also enhances my ability to make meaningful contributions to the research. I have been the Director of two other Biostatistics Cores, one supporting the research of the U.S. military’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Program (IDCRP) and one for a current NIH-funded project on sex differences in nicotine addiction. My research activities are seamless with my mentoring activities; I mentor graduate students and NIH-funded clinical research scholars, who seek out my guidance as they prepare themselves to become independent researchers in their scientific area.

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